I have been using Django with GAE/Python and recently I have been considering switching to GAE/J and GWT. My questions are

1) Is there a way to do hierarchical templating similar to the Django template system?

2) How do you manage static contents with/along with GWT in general?

I have been digging around quite a bit but I haven't been able to find something satisfactory. Here's a summary of the possible solution (I don't know if my conclusion of them are accurate though since I am not that familar with java tech.)

a) Use various java frameworks/template engine (Spring, FreeMarker, StringTemplate, Velocity, etc) but is it possible to mix use these with GWT?

b) Use Django with Jyphon... but then I am not really using GWT+servlet any more right? (And lose things like GWT RPC?)

c) Use JSP straight ... but there doesn't seem to be hierarchical template. As I type this I did some search and some have referenced Tile (http:/questions/490390/jsp-template-inheritance) does that work well with GWT?

d) Use GWT UiBinder. Base on the description of the dev guide, this seems to be exactly what I needed but then the examples I see are small and it seems to be best suited for layout of widget as oppose to a page. And using UiBinder means that the page is still js generated right? (not crawlable, etc?)

Again, some of the conclusion above could be wrong since I am new to the server side java tech. Please correct me if they are inaccurate.

  • This post stackoverflow.com/questions/1085898/… had a lot of relevant information for me. One particular note was that GWT client could be used with Python back end. – mjhm Nov 3 '10 at 16:12

For Templating try Sitemesh -- very easy to setup and use. I'm currently running an application on GAE with Spring/Sitemesh/GWT. The only reason I chose to use java is that GWT-RPC is written for it. The biggest problem with using Java on GAE is the cold-start issue: read this post This actually is a huge obstacle, so think twice before moving to Java.

  • Well, Spring is very heavy weight for cold starting on GAE, so if you're going with Java, you might considering using something else (Guice for example). – Arthur Maltson Nov 4 '10 at 17:16
  • I think this cold start issue may not be limited to GAE/J. I have experience similar lag in GAE/Python although not as severe (around 2~3 sec.) In the python case, it's the spin up of my Django framework. – Ken Nov 5 '10 at 11:37
  • It doesn't matter which framework you use, as long as it's Java, the cold-start time is going to be unacceptable. Even a 5 second wait is enough to turn users away, so the best approach, for now, is to use python. The post that I linked discusses the issue, including the future of 'reserved' instances and 'warm-up hooks'. – Vladimir Nov 5 '10 at 22:27
  • BTW, at the present time, I've setup my application in such a way that the first page that a user would access is a static page, which fires an async call to the backend to kickstart the application (I'm also using a cron job to do the same, if the user accesses the application from a search result, which would take him to the non-static content). But this is a hack, and the reason I'm fine with it is that I'm planning on rolling out the full-fledged application early next year -- by that time I'm hoping that the issue is resolved, or at least improved. – Vladimir Nov 5 '10 at 22:40

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