I want to update memcached with a login record if/when a user logged in to an PHP application behind an Apache reverse proxy: - user logs in - application creates a session cookie - reverse proxy filters that cookie on the response-header - the filter script/module/whatever runs code to store the cookie plus some extra in the memcached - other than that the response passes the proxy unchanged as usual (plus reverse mapping, maybe)

I am aware, that patching the PHP application would pretty easily do the job, but this is some old and bulky code of a customer that I would highly prefer to ... not even touch. So ... other than writing a module in C , what options do I have, if any?

header-module doesn't seem to do it ext_filter doesn't seem to do it

I checked the list of apache modules on apache.org for any clue of what might get close to what I want ... fail!

I suppose I cannot use something like PHP or Perl as these are content handlers rather than filters, right?

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