I have a set of measurements taken on different dates. I would like to plot that data in a Scatter plot, with the dates on the X-axis. Since there is a lot of data, I would like to reduce the number of labels on the axis. As the interval between the dates is not fixed, it is not possible to set the interval (Major Unit) to e.g. 2 days; I would lose all data that was taken on either the even or the odd days of the year.

I looked online and only found that the solution would be to format the X-axis as text. However, I don't manage to get it right. I added a picture with 3 example dates. The upper graph has the actual dates on the X-axis but then I get a bunch of dates displayed without data. In the red rectangle I indicated what I would like to have in my graph. The middle graph also has the dates as input data for the X-axis but with the axis labels format as 'Text'. The lower graph shows what I get when I use the text format of the date as the input for the X-axis. Changing the axis label format doesn't do anything.

enter image description here

Can anyone help me with this?

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