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What customers are saying

We needed a good way of passing down knowledge between team members, because we saw the same questions being asked over and over in our instant message channels. Almost immediately, we found that the search function in Teams returned relevant results in a quicker, more accurate way than chat would.

Tim Golen, Engineering

Instead of trying to figure out how to reach people and bother them while they are working, I’m able to go to Stack Overflow for Teams and get the answers to my questions. If I don’t see an answer to my question, I can easily ask a question, and tag the person I think will know the answer, and I get my question answered almost immediately!

Mosh Feu, Front End Developer

Stack Overflow speaks for itself. Everybody knows about it, everybody uses it, everybody wants it. We don’t have questions that are unanswered more than a couple minutes. It just doesn’t happen. The user adoption and engagement with the platform has been very impressive.

Tyler McDougall, Development Team Lead

Every CTO I’ve shown this to has also understood the value of the product immediately. It’s far better than a wiki, which takes time to write, makes guesses about what people will need to know, and gets stale over time. This stays as up-to-date, relevant, and useful as the regular Stack Overflow, without any extra effort.

J.J. Fliegelman, CTO, WayUp

Stack Overflow for Teams allows our team to answer questions one time instead of re-hashing the same thing over and over. It allows us to inform new developers of pitfalls in our systems so they don’t repeat the same mistakes we have already made. It saves us time on a day to day basis and also a huge amount when onboarding a new developer.

Morgan Jones, Director of Engineering

Stack Overflow for Teams is great for documenting one-off developer questions. We now have a centralized and searchable platform to keep documentation for popular questions from our developer teams.

Kyla Bouldin, Software Engineer
Bark Box

Stack Overflow has reduced chat message interruptions and helped us avoid re-answering the same question every day. We’re building a valuable, well-curated knowledge base.

Jeremy Williams, Engineering


Private Q&A for teams


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Private Q&A with secure single sign-on and premium features for your whole organization


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Your own standalone Q&A community, with enhanced security and flexible hosting options


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